Why Online?

In March our staff group made a commitment to be proactive in dealing with our isolation and loss of team sport. We began by hosting a weekly field hockey Town Hall webinar with over 1000 people attending.  From this we then created a series of  breakout sessions for goalies and coach education. It’s been wildly successful. To this date we’ve hosted over 25 online events while approaching 10,000 people joining.  That doesn’t happen unless you can offer something great.

Our experience has proven that an online interactive program, professionally run, with top talent, can have a powerful impact on your game and can be a valuable asset to our sport.

We’re pivoting this summer to a new and compelling top hockey event with the world's best coaches and players joining us.

This is new. No one has ever done this in sport, at least not at this level.

Time and distance have no meaning in the virtual landscape. We've been able to assemble some of the best hockey talent in the world, all at one time - and bring them directly to you in an epic interactive, live experience.

Before you start thinking of an online program as a compromise… please don’t.  Be open. This is a new way of participating in sport and fun.  It stands entirely on it’s own and is almost impossible to explain until you become immersed in what we've created.

This is top hockey at the highest levels. We’ll be bringing you world renown Self-Pass, Hockey Heroes, Rein van Eijk and Shaun Baker.  Plus we'll have a special guest for our Goalies too, David Harte, 2X FIH Best Goalie of the World. These are people and teams we could never assemble in one place, at one time.

Below are some emails & comments we've received from parents & athletes who attended our first program.

This is what they said...

“We just want to share she loves the program! Honestly, we were a bit skeptical how well this [virtual training] would go, but she has been completely engaged and has filled a notebook with notes, ideas, and things to work on. As well, the program provided an opportunity for us to watch and interact with Hayden. The “virtual training” gave us, her parents, more ways to fully support at-home training and development. Your program provided our daughter the ability to grow, reflect and challenge herself at this challenging and unprecedented time. Kudos! and our deepest gratitude for your hard work and dedication to the sport and the athletes.”
Kendra Herbold, Parent
“I’ve learned so much!!
This virtual training experience has been perfect to further my development while I’m at home. Each coach offers specialized lessons.”
U16 USA Team Goalie, DI Prospect
“Loved it!!
I had no idea how much you can get out of a virtual training. The attention to detail, knowledge and enthusiasm are truly amazing.”
Field Hockey Parent
“This virtual training experience exceeds all expectations.
The brilliant coaches have designed these training’s to get the most out of ourselves as elite and technical goalkeepers. I highly recommend that goalkeepers take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best of the best coaches”
Rising DI College Sophomore
“The online experience has been OUTSTANDING”Field Hockey Parent

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