Camp Schedule

World Class - Live Interactive Training

June  23-26, 2020

4 Days
9.00AM to 12.30PM

Only $185
An Interactive & Fully Comprehensive  Hockey Experience With the Best From
Around the Globe

Daily Schedule

8:45AM The room is officially open to welcome you.  See where everyone is from. Say Hi.

9:00AM Daily Opening with announcements, instructions and the days Theme plus Quest of the Day

9.15AM Hockey Training Session 1 | Technical Skill training with our guest coaches

10.00AM Hockey Training Session 2 | Dive Deeper into your Technical skill training

11.00AM Enrichment Workshop Part 1: Nutrition / Goal Setting / Mental Health / College Recruiting

11.35AM Enrichment Workshop Part 2: Yoga / Strength Training / Journaling 

12.05PM WebCampUSA FUN: Camp Dance off / Game "Night" / Skit "Night" / Special Guests
In this segment it's all about letting loose and having fun.

12.30PM End