How Much Will the Camp Cost?
Only $185 for 4-days / 14 hours of top, top, top, hockey and fun.
Can I sign-up with my Team?
Absolutely. During our enrichment and fun segments of the program we will have breakout rooms where you and your teammates will be together.
Is there a Team Discount?
YES. $50. per athlete. Have your team leader go to this web page and complete this form: https://webcampusa.com/team
We’ll send you a team discount coupon code.
Is this online “camp” worth it?
Our experience has proven that an online interactive program, professionally run, with top talent, can have a powerful impact on your game and can be a valuable asset to our sport. Do not measure this by “Futures” or anything else you may have done this spring online. Only $185. for 14 hours with the best in the world.

Will it be worth my time?
YES. Read what two moms whose daughters have already completed an online series sent us…

Mom 1: “The online experience has been OUTSTANDING”

Mom 2: “She loves the program! Honestly, we were a bit skeptical how well this would go, but she has been completely engaged and has filled a notebook with notes, ideas, and things to work on. Kudos!”

What will I need for the Online Camp?
All equipment and resource needs will be given to you well in advance of the training. All software needed to participate is free.
Will I need WiFi?
Yes – or a very good cellular hot-spot.
Is World Camp USA Permanently Canceled?
Never fear, World Camp will be back in 2021. But this is so good it will be one of our marquis events for a long time to come.
Is this a compromise?
It will be different for sure, but far from a compromise. This is top hockey at the highest levels. We’ll be bringing you world renown Self-Pass, Hockey Heroes, Rein van Eijk and Shaun Baker. For goalies we have Dennis van der Pol and Emily Snowden, two experts in GK training. These extraordinary people and teams could never come together like this in one place, at one time.
Is this a Zoom call?
NO WAY! We use three different types of software to create this event. While the software is not proprietary, the way we weave and integrate them together is. It’s a totally fresh and energetic approach. You’ve never done anything like this. Be open to a new way of participating in training and fun. It stands entirely on it’s own and is almost impossible to explain until you become immersed in what it is. You’re gonna love this!
What’s the Schedule?
Check out this web page for the answer: https://webcampusa.com/schedule
Who designed WebCampUSA?
WebCampUSA is designed by over 30 diverse professional staff who work for World Camp and Sport EuroTour. Why is that important? Because they bring the creative elements of both those programs. We doubt very few groups can deliver this much creativity and energy into any project plan. Again, this is going to be awesome.
What if I can’t attend in June?
We strongly suggest you make every minute because there will be a lot of interactivity, games and competitions – with winners. But for those who cannot make all, or some, of the sessions – it will all be recorded and available for playback.
Will you send me more information?
Absolutely. An athlete booklet will be available for download and to be used as we move through our daily itinerary. All details will be provided so you’ll have the resources and tools you’ll need to participate in training, enrichment and fun.
Where should I look for details of the online program?
Once you register you should look for emails that will tell you specifically where and when to find more info. Everything will be posted on this website WebCampUSA.

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